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You can look intensely, but you never know exactly what you see

I've always taken pictures, just like everyone else. When I started painting, the photos also became preliminary studies of places in nature. Gradually I discovered the beauty of photos and wanted to learn to become a better photographer.

In 2022 I finishes a two-year course at De Fotolocatie in Groningen. In March 2023 I will attend the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. For my final exams in 2022 I researched the significance of Romanticism for our time.  The visual language of painting, architecture, music and literature plays a role in the background as a frame of reference.  I shoot with the Fujifilm XT-3 and with my  iPhone 13 pro max.

Photography to me is a form of introspection. I look around and an inner guide leads me to what is worth photographing. That feels like an adventure. My artistry develops by constantly looking for atmosphere in different circumstances and light to create an image that touches you and makes you stand still for a moment.

zelfportret sept22.jpg




Honorable Mention


Official selection


Sprink-summer 2023
participant in Group exhibition 
Gronings Licht bij het Mow
Fall-winter 2022
exhibition at art gallery Ongering
in Groningen

Spring 2022

Exhibition at Atelier Henk Kraayenzank

in Groningen

Summer 2021

Noorderlicht Open Student Call

in Groningen

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