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Forget my Name

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2020 - 2021

With this project I spent a year investigating how I could translate the principles of Romantic painting from the 19th century into photography. This resulted in a photo selection of 24 photos. The collection is still growing.

The project is a collaboration with partner and poet Boris Wanders. He wrote poems to accompany the photos. The collaboration resulted in the publication Forget my Name (Dutch).

The photo's received a Honorable Mention in the international competition of IPA and an official selection at TIFA.

Feeling Blue


"The sorrow, grief, and rage you feel is a measure of your humanity and your evolutionary maturity. As your heart breaks open there ill be room for the world to heal."

Joanna Macy (1929) is an ecologist en buddhist. Inspired by her work The Work That Reconnects I made a series of 33 images during walks around my house. Boris Wanders gave every image a subscript.

This work will be exposed at Kunsthandel Ongering in Groningen from 17/10/22 until 24/12/22.




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I like to make portraits, where contact with the person I photograph is important to me. I work with natural light, preferably I photograph someone in the environment that he/she has chosen. Or in a place where the person portrayed feels at home.



Mijn vader kwam uit een gezin met 14 kinderen. Er leven er momenteel nog vier.Eén jongen en drie meisjes.

Dit zijn de drie zusjes die nog leven. Els (91), Die (89) en Dop (85). Zij zien elkaar vaak. Ze zijn zo Amsterdams als het maar kan, een grote mond maar tegelijkertijd zo lief en zorgzaam. Altdij staan ze klaar om te helpen. En ze willen niemand tot last zijn. Een generatie vrouwen die voor mij de engelen van de wereld zijn.


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